About us

Hi and welcome to my site.

I’m Alex, just another guy and for me snoring is more than just a topic.

I have own experience with this problem.

First, I became a snorer due to deviated septum and seasonal allergy.

Second, I met a girl and she was found to be a snorer too(.

So, step by step my life turned into a total mess and I just couldn’t understand why.

I tried to eat healthy but gain weight.

I run three times a week and swam on a weekend and still had no success with being overweight.

Every morning I woke up and felt so tired as I didn’t sleep at all.

And I wondered why?

But sometimes my sleep was so restful, especially when my nose was clean and breathe free or when my girl slept in “no snoring” mode or I slept on the couch alone.

So I tried to google about sleep disorders, sleeping cycle, sleep deprivation and…snoring.

And pieces of puzzle came together.

I found my answer…

Why I’m overweighted and tired etc.

The reason was impaired sleep caused by snoring, so I almost never reached the most restorative sleep phase (deep sleep) and also due to frequent awakenings I lost about one hour every night.

And those hours accumulated and here’s sleep deprivation with all its side effects.

But there was a solution for guys like me – very simple, low cost but effective.

It doesn’t work every time but it works about 90 percent at average.

The solution is a snoring mouthpiece.

And here at snoringstop.us you may find some of the most effective of anti snoring devices picked by me among reliable manufacturers.

What is special on this site?

There are no champions among presented mouthpieces.


Because I’m not an expert and my case is different and no similar mouth exists.

I do my best to provide you with sufficient and clear information about snoring causes and snoring aids. So the choice would be yours.

And second, I don’t make a detailed review regarding certain mouthpiece due to the same reason. My case is special, I have teeth grinding problem and my overbite is “sooo wrong”  (quote from my dentist).

So that’s my confession)

I hope presented information help you to find the most suitable solution for your case.

I wish you be healthy and sleep well.

Take care,